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It is a relative term only and should be used in that sense only, whether the patient is diabetic or not. It is still a lurking myth among some physicians, even now, that a diabetic poorly heals, particularly in uncontrolled diabetes, is not fortified by any cogent basis. In 1942, Dr. Greene (of Iowa city) maintained that ‘wounds healed as well in the diabetic, as in the normal individual. His most starting revelation that “those diabetics with the highest blood sugars healed most rapidly of all!” should prove an eye-opener for the sceptic and disinformation spreading persons.

Dr .Greene further advancing his observations opined that “Recognizing that the lower extremities of the human body present a special situation which predisposes to slow healing, irrespective of diabetic control. There are certain factors, still unexplained, which delay healing in the lower third of the legs and in the non-diabetic” and to Dr,Greene’s observation, based on his practical experience. Dr. Goodman, ratifying the said observations, himself agreeing to his findings, goes on to add that. “It is fair to state that, under equivalent conditions, the diabetic can and does heal as rapidly as the normal individual.”

Let us concede without fear of reservation or contradiction, that practical experiences and observations of medical authorities, deserve to be not only heeded properly but also need to be disseminated to potential diabetics, at whichever stage their disordered symptoms stand, that they need not be unduly nervous or anxious of the prolonged late healing of their wounds so do not get panicky or worry-stricken if you (diabetics) have wounds. Instead have yourself treated by your physicians and there is no wonder that you may heal even much earlier that the non-diabetics or, at least, you won’t trail behind the latter.