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Intestinal injections, constipation, loose motions, flatulence, intestinal worms, dyspepsia, gastritis, gastralis, bloating of abdomen are some of symptoms of all those persons who eat too much and too often, but do not take to physical activity or exercise. It is unjust to single out diabetics only for the aforesaid disorders. Rather, on the contrary, diabetics (excepting the factor of physical mobility/sedentary habits), being extra careful are less susceptible than the non-diabetics. But proper caution should never be lost sight of.
All normal persons and patients (more so diabetics) do know what suits them or what does not suit them. Try to be your own guide and masters i.e. try to adhere to the prescribed dietary pattern and avoid which does not suit or is prohibited. Your doctor is not going to help you, unless you, yourself are careful about your health. Your doctor can only a motivate, guide and induce you, but he cannot compel you to follow his instructions. Do not be apprehensive, even for a while, that your diabetic status has caused or is capable for causing any digestion-related problems. It is a myth and an unfounded belief and, above all, a misplaced apprehension which should either be entertained not nurtured or allowed to adversely affect you mentally and physically.