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Free and enormous passage of urine which is loaded with sugar. Patient is restless, weak, confused, sad and depressed. He is a man of agitated and peevish nature, his mood changes abruptly,, pretends that he always continues to suffer, is sex-ridden and lascivious, experiences pain, soreness all over his body. Consolation and music provide him relief but any sort of sympathy compels him to weep.

Note: In most of the remedies, mental symptoms have been predominantly mentioned and highlighted. The reason, for doing so, is that, in homeopathic treatment mental symptoms determine choice of a proper remedy. If mental symptoms of a particular remedy fail to match with the patient’s mental symptoms, the remedy (selected remedy) will never show desired results. It is repeated once again that it is the mind that drives the body. An acting mind cannot serve the body.
2. In Homeopathy, there are a number of other remedies which have not been mentioned here due to space crunch and also that most of them are not so significant or used in practice as the above mentioned remedies are and, the latter ones, meet mostly bulk of diabetic symptoms.
3. Dose, in each remedy, its frequency and duration of continuation of a remedy or other remedies will depend on status of the disease and condition of the patient. Hence, the above-mentioned doses and potencies may differ from one patient to another and, thus, only the physician of the patient can truly and effectively guide his patient. For further knowledge of the remedies the readers will do well to refer to Dr. Willian Boericke’s ‘Pocket Book of Mateira Medica with Repertory’, which, to out mind, will prove useful for every household.