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1) Beer yeast:
“It affects total disappearance of sugar from urine. It contains a ferment which converts starch into alcohol. Two tablespoonfuls (20ml) should be taken immediately after meals.”
(2) Pancreatic extract & Hepatic Extracts:
“Give 40drops of pancreatic juice (extract) one day and 40 drops of liver (hepatic) extract of extract the next day (that is to be given alternatively each day) after meals.”
(3) Peroxide of Hydrogen (H2 O2)
“Given internally burns the sugar, with marked relief in inveterate cases, and also when accompanied with emaciation.” (Dose not given) it should be used only under medical advice.

(4)Mineral Waters
“The alkaline natural spring waters are very often prescribed in the treatment of diabetes. But, we generally prefer sea or mountain air to the most famous alkaline springs (spring water), to diabetics who are free from chest troubles.”

NUX VOMICA (6.12 OR 30)

Nux Vom is useful to those diabeties who often indulge in overeating, alcohol consumption, tobacco, use of drugs, lead sedentary life, are debauches who keep awake at nights, have torpid liver, weak digestion, with flatulent dyspepsia, do not do any physical labour, eat too much of fats, sugar, starch and spices, have constipated bowels. In short, it is by far the best remedy for the elements arising from so-called modern and advance life-style and for all ills inherited from weakness and sedentary life style, out of which diabetes is a leading disorder. Give 6th potency, 3-4 times daily. Some say, rather maintain can confirm, that a dose of sulphur (30th) in the morning and a dose of Nux Vomica (6th or 30th) at night, before retiring to bed. In acute and serious cases its tincture (Q) should be given, 3-4 times daily.


It markedly alleviates the thirst and, in some cases it diminishes sugar, even if temporarily. It is also useful in chronic and habitual constipation, when the patient has no urge to evacuate his bowels, for days together.


Useful in the initial stage of diabetes, when patient passes sugar in urine, in large quantities and frequently, lips dry and adhere to each other, has unquenchable thirst, restlessness, emaciation, mental agitation, tendency to weep and symptoms of gout also are prominent and, in addition, there are casts in the urine.


Patient is always thirsty, even though tongue remains moist, urine secretion exceeds the quantity of water intake, there is a frequent desire to pass urine, tongue has imprints of teeth on both sides. Sugar intake aggravates symptoms and also diabetic symptoms aggravate at night, when he lies on right side.


Even after taking meals, the patient feels as if he had eaten nothing great liking for sweets, weakness and fatigue, feeling of an internal chill, complaints aggravate from morning till evening ,feels relieved by lying on chest or when placing his head on knees, sea-shore walking also ameliorates symptoms.


More useful in skin infections, itching, eczema, (moist and oozing sticky and adhesive fluid), in constipation, delayed menses, aversion to coitus, ladies who are timid, scared and hesitate, are of very vascillating and indecisive nature, remain sad and morose always, weep when music is played, have fissured fingers which bleed also due to some injury, vomiting during menstrual period. Suits best the ladies than gents.


Useful in both varieties (insipidus and mellitus); diabetes when body weight continues to shed, (without cause), with excessive thirst. Give 3 drops in water 3-4 times daily. Meat diet is recommended, while using this medicine.


Useful when there is gout alongwith diabetes, tongue extremely dry, excessive appetite, vomiting, but abates after taking meals, gouty pains with much, weakness in joints, shoulders wrists and knees. Should be used, preferably under medical supervision.


Increases Red Blood Corpuscles in the blood, removes constipation, serves as a tonic, discharge of sugar, food casts and phosphates with urine, brain power is exhausted and tired, Neurosis, sleeplessness (Insomnia), forgetfulness, extreme prostration, cannot breathe fast, weakness etc.

It is not an old remedy and its reference is also found in the books of modern homeopaths more, though passing references thereto are not being ruled out. Useful, when large quantities of urine are passed every 3-4 hours, or even earlier, patient feels weak and exhausted after passing urine, urine contains much sugar (in one case 43 gr per ounce) alongwith indicant (though rarely), high specific gravity. Give 5 drops of tincture (Q) with fresh water 3-4 times a day or else may be alternated with syzygium J.Q-5 drops of each twice daily – on alternate timings. In addition thirst, burning sensation, dryness, loss of weight may also be noticed in addition to above mentioned symptoms.


It is useful when diabetes is caused by faulty functioning of liver, flatulency, pain in abdomen, mental agitation and angry mood, restlessness. 4 doses daily (4 hourly dose).