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It is known as ‘Shavasana’ because in this pose, the practitioner attains pose as if a dead body lies on the floor. It is, by far, the best asana for complete relaxation of body, mind and intellect. Perhaps, that is the reason it is also called a ‘Sukhasana’ which means an asana which provides relief (a tension free state).

Lie flat on your back or on your spine. Join the heels keeping toes apart and arms running or resting alongside the body. Fingers should remain loosely joined and palms should be rested on the ground. Now close the mouth, breathing only through your nose. Tongue should be drawn in, within teeth-socket, resting the upper jaw on the lower jaw. After attaining the above described posture, try your best to relax your whole body from head to toes.

Mentally imbibe a feeling that you have relaxed your body from top to bottom from the remotest part to the farthest part. If some stiffness is felt, give a gentle push to your legs, bringing them back to previous position and relax. After you have relaxed your heels and toes, now try to relax your. Your knees, hips, naval portion, chest, shoulders and the forehead. The said organs should be relaxed one by one till you feel that each and every organs of your body (from toes to head) is relaxed fully.

When the physical aspect of relaxation is over, new switch on your attention to breathing process. Start breathing in gradual, relaxed, rhythmic and uniform manner. Slowly breathe through your nostrils very slowly, without creating any hissing sound. Breath should be suspended for a few seconds, without causing any choked situation. Feel and breathe normally and slowly. Finally retain the breathe in the lungs for a convenient time and then release/exhale. Let the mind and body remain absolutely calm and relaxed.

Benefit :
Shavasana takes away your physical fatigue and relieves you of mental tension, thus completely relaxing and pacifying your agitated nerves. Since anxiety, worry and tension are said trigger diabetes, this asana will relieve diabetics symptoms and concommitant symptoms, especially if mental tension is the cause.