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This asana has been named after the name of the great Guru (Teacher) Machhander Nath whose ardent disciple was none other than the famous Guru Gorakh Nath. It has been eulogized as the best and most effective method to get rid of the monster disease called ‘Diabetes’.

Process : Sit in a relaxed pose on the floor. Turn your right leg from your knees and rest the heel in between rectum, below testicles and perineum. After this, raise your left leg, semi fold your leg so that the hind and upper part of your heel touches the patella (knee-bone) of the already twisted and folded right knee. Now try to place your left hand (from the back-side) on your right thigh and keep your right hand on your right knee. This way your neck and head will get directed paralled to your left shoulder. Body should not be bent, but may be slighted twisted to facilitate to attain an exact posture. Keep your spine erect. The grip on your right knee should be free and your left hand, on the right knee should remain firmly placed thereon. In this process the left hand rests on the right thigh and your right hand should be gripping the already be folded left knee. The right hand will touch the left knee, from the outside of left knee. Ensure that, even while turning to your side, chest must remain unbent and straight. When all is done, try to look to your left side straight in the direction of your shoulders. One should remain in this position for some time-as far as convenient when the first postural asana is complete, the reverse posture should be attempted-now it would be in the context of folding of the left leg. Rest of the process (in relation to changed side and position) is as described above.

Benefits: It activates your pancreas, thus causing release of insulin, It also regulates and strengthens metabolic functioning of liver, spleen, intestines, stomach, activates digestive juices for quick absorption with food taken. It also removes acidity, flatulence, heart burning, backache, pain and stiffness of joints and bones, relaxes muscles and tones up muscular activity, regulates circulation of blood, feeds and nourishes every and each smew of the body. Its keeps your body, mind and brain in excellent health harmony. You will feel mentally and physically relieved, relaxed and also feel that you are gaining energy, vigour and strength. This asana should be practiced daily. One or two asanas will not yield desired results.

Note: Seek guidance from a yoga teacher, since this a bit difficult posture to practice.