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It is known or called as Shalabh or Kamalasana, as the feet attain form of a ‘lotus’, while practicing it.
Process : First sit with affordable ease on the floor, keeping both the legs straightened. Join both feet. Now place left foot on right thigh and right foot on the left thight. Both the heels should remain on either side of the navel, that is navel should remain exactly in the centre where both the heels cross each other. Now place hands on knees, head, chest and waist and back should be erect (straight at 90). Both the knees should be touching the floor. Keep your eyes normally closed. Now try to concentrate and meditate. Do not let your wayward thoughts wander. Padmasana can be a convenient meditating pose, even for an hour or so, but the duration should be gradually increased from one minute, at the first instance.

Benefits: This asana is very useful for mental workers, for meditation, concentration. For students it is a boon, because it imparts them requisite concentration for studies and assists them in observing celibacy, in addition to preserving their semen and other vital forces. It is enemy of ‘Tridosha’ (Wind Phlegm and bile), gives peace and tranquility, adds years to life-span, memory is improved. Removes stomach and various digestion related disorders. Uterine problems are eliminated. Persons of all ages, even children and aged persons can practice this asana to derive worldly, physical and spiritual gains. Hardly and other asana can compete with it, as far as concentration and mediation are concerned. It also arouses ‘kundalini’ prowess, if rules of yama, Niyama are closely followed.