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(Posterior Stretching Posture)

Process : you should first of all attain shavasana (corpse pose) to be described in next pages) and then set in the same asana. Join backs of the hands and take the arms in- between the legs. Now catch hold of the big toe with three fingers (Index, middle and ring fingers in that order). Keep the thumbs and the adjoining fingers towards the soles. While keeping the heels as much inward as possible, ensure that the sole remain flat on the ground. Straighten the spinal chord by pushing the chest outward. Now very slowly take the feet forward, while keeping the big toe protruding outward. After your legs have been stretched forward completely, bend your trunk so that your forehead rests on the knees. Remain in the final pose for a few seconds, and then retrace to original starting position, but slowly and gradually. This may stiffen your feet, knees, hips and back to some extent. To remove the stiffness, give these organs a vigorous palm-massage to ensure regular flow of blood. This development is merely a transitory phase and should not cause any concern.

Benefits: This asana tones up entire nervous system, removes all digestive troubles, increases height of children. It also purifies Ida and Pingla Nadis, as far as spiritual view-point is concerned.
The above asana should not be attempted by pregnant ladies, those having lumbago, low back-ache, slipped disc. Since most of the diseases are caused by constipated bowels and indigestion, this asana will remove both said disorders. Ladies can do it, after delivery period is over. It will shed extra fat and fluffiness from their abdomen & waist.