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Primary diabetes falls under two such categories viz.
i. Insulin dependent diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) also called IDDM (Part I)
ii. Non Insulin dependent diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) which also known NIDDM (Part II)
The groupings have been made for the sake of clinical convenience only. Type I occurs in persons under 50 years, and often terminates into a quick death, if not treated with insulin alone or with addition of oral anti-diabetic drugs. Children juveniles, adolescents and growing children also generally imbibe Type I
Type II (NIDDM) generally occurs in the elderly and middle-aged persons but they can survive for a lengthy span of life, with use of oral medications, food & dietary regimen, physical exercise etc. Heredity and environmental factors account for onset of diabetes in to IDDM & NIDDM patients though their pattern of onset, progress (and deduce, if at all) is at variance with aetiology of both the types.