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The term ‘Hyperglycaemia’ signifies high percentage of glucose in the blood and its clinical syndrome is known as ‘Diabetes Mellitus’ and thus, both the terms are synonymous and convey same import in common parlance. Absolute or relative lack of insulin effects of carbohydrate metabolism, inclusive also of fat, protein water and electrolytes, metabolism may lead to serious grave consequences. Such metabolic effects often lead to irreversible, permanent, structural and functional changes in the body-cells, which prominently manifest themselves in the form of susceptibility of vascular system. Such changes, in turn, further lead to development of well-defined clinical disorders often termed as ‘diabetic complications’ which enormously effect kidneys, eyes and nervous system.

As our aims is to disclose every possible fact with regard to hyperglycaemia, it won’t be out of place to mention and magnify on following points Diabetes is classified as under:
A. Primary Diabetes and
B. Secondary diabetes and most of the cases, in fact rather the majority of cases, belong to above mentioned two main categories which are being detailed here-under: