This asana has been named after Dhanurasana because the body shapes like a bow, when practicing it.

Process : Lie down on ground, your stomach touching the ground. Join both the feet and hold them with your hands. Now exhale breath (rechak) and taking a firm grip on the toes, draw your body backwards, that is try to raise and stretch your head towards your feet, as conveniently and slowly as you can. Try to keep your eyes straight and fixed. Now retain (Kumbhak) breath and remain in the said posture for some seconds. The moment one starts feeling suffocated, try to regain original position, by releasing the breath very gradually. Give a pause and repeat the whole process once again. Be careful not to be hasty, rather entire procedure should be done with utmost comfort, without any jerk or strain on any organ.

Benefits: It reduces (sheds) extra fat from the abdomen. Also expels wind and relieves abdominal pain and discomfort, arouses healthy appetite, expels putrid and foul smelling wind, removes dyspepsia, strengthens heart and regulates pulse. Removes all throat problems, modifies and improves voice respiratory process is improved, improves vision of eyes, maintains and cultivates facial glow. Eye ailments do not surface, trembling of feet and hands is also removed, due to stretching effect in recti muscles and due to abdominal pressure digestive juices are crated for further mix-up with food particles. This asana gives combined effects and benefits of ‘Shalabhasan’ (which will be explained later) and ‘Bhujangasan’. By doing this asana alone, there is no need to practice both the said asanas. Pain in knees and leg muscles, in feet, in femur and tibia bones is also relieved. This asana is very beneficial for ladies as it tones functions of uterus and vagina, regulates, menstrual flow and other disorders, it rectifiers defects in ovaries and restores their normal functioning. Pregnant ladies should never attempt this asana or any asana which exerts pressure on their abdomen. Persons with backache and slipped-disc should not also practice this asana.