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In Nephropathy, the kidney gets damaged as do nerves in neuropathy. If blood sugar level is allowed to remain unstable and uncontrolled for a much longer period, and sugar is excreted by the kidneys through urine and also when vital fluids, due tot malfunctioning of the kidney, escape through urine. Kidney is such a perfect filter that it does not allow anything to escape, except only the waste products of the body, thus keeping our body free from harmful toxins. Excess concentration of sugar in urine retards filtering function of the kidneys, with the result that vital elemental fluids, so necessary for functioning of our body, are lost to our body. A diseased kidney has to exert strenuously to perform its functions but, in the process, gets damaged due to various toxins in the blood. Much of the damage, so caused, can be rectified if the sugar content in blood & urine remains within normal limits. Imbalance of various salts also damages the kidney in addition t presence of uric acid, urea etc.