Mind is the driving force of the body. All our functions are controlled by mind. Brain is the manifest form of mind. Mind controls various thinking processes and thus motivates the brain to function, ordering its various organs of the body to function and attend to certain emergent crisis states.
Dr.Joseph Good man has coined an excellent term; this is “Diabetic Neurosis,” for the emotional disturbance which the diabetic and his near and dear ones have to undergo. It is not the disease as such, but the fear psychosis that haunts the patient and his relatives alike, diabetes is a source of extra and utmost caution for the diabetic. Merely imagination of deprivation from sweets, social functions, drinks, tasty meals control and other restrictions and above all fear of insulin injections is enough to drive him out of his wits, rather shattering his psyche. Rest of the members of diabetic’s family also get nervous that if they stick to their former eating patterns or if they too have to overhaul/wrap up their dining table menus, entire family will be disturbed.
Diabetes should be taken in its stride by the diabetic and his family. Both should be reassured that this is not a dreaded or frightening disorder and that, with desired control of diet, proper medicines, it is treatable and controllable. The diabetic must not suffer from diabetic neurosis, a sense of social and dietary deprivation, a good –bye to good eating and drinking ice creams and sweet stuff etc. Fear of disease and its imaginary side-effects is not a reality and should be spurned aside like a myth or a fictional episode.
Short-term memory failure is not a usual symptom with diabetics alone, it is a disorder that can happen to even ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ persons. In a word, we can say that the patient and his family need not to over-react to a disease which is controllable with prescribed ‘Do’s’ and ‘Dont’s’ patience, perseverance and precaution are necessary, instead of fear and fright. Most of the diabetics enjoy a fairly. Long spell of life like any other healthy person, if proper safeguards are taken along with plenty of self-confidence control.