Naturopathy And Diabetes

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Nature is a word that encompasses anything and everything under the sun. Even human temperament, likes and aversions denote personal (trait) nature of a person. Man, being by far the best gift of nature, has given us fruits, vegetables tress flowers, plants, air light soil, water, heat and other climatic conditions which govern out pattern of life and, thus without nature, life on earth would never have been possible. Despite all the scientific advances and breaking of new vistas and breakthrough in many fields, out actions still remain subordinated and subservient to nature.
Nature has certain laws and regulations of its own. As long as we function within the ambit of its tenets we rarely fall ill but, the moment wa try to be over smart or play havoc with it or flout, overtly or covertly, its regulations, we invite untold misery, illness, and problems for s, and the totality of full-out outcome is too horrible to imagine. Nature is always kind to us but, by our imprudent and indiscreet actions, we violate its rules, there by offending it, without foreseeing the ravages to which we can be subjected. So, remaining closer to nature, spells happiness and all-round prosperity but even slight detour or deviation, will spell untold disaster and horrifying results.