1. Rise early in the morning daily, as early rising keeps one health fit and agile.
2. Cultivate the habit of having morning walk which will tone up your body and also refreshen your mind. By doing so, you will exhale more oxygen. Persons, who are unable to have a walk, due to some physical problem, are advised to do some moderate and sustainable exercises indoors.
3. Sun-bath and air-bath are also useful for health.
4. To purify blood and strengthen your lungs, rather to fortify and regulate the respiratory process, deep-breathing is very necessary. It will also enable to improve your circulation of blood.
5. Throat, mouth, tongue teeth should be cleaned daily. Nothing should ever be taken into your mouth unless you have hygienically brushed and cleansed your above organs.
6. Try to avoid hot-water bath. If some urgency is ever felt, take bath with luke-warm water. But, try to cultivate the habit of taking bath with cold and fresh water, as it enhances circulation of blood.
7. Eat only when you feel that your body requires food to satiate your body requirements. Never eat stomachful, hastily or in a huff. Each morsel should be chewed and masticated, and emulsified to such an extent that it descends only in the liquid or semi-paste form into your stomach.
8. Fasting means giving rest to your body, and regularizing after your body has been abused by over-eating. Fasting is meant to purify body, mind and intellect, to give your body much deserved/desired rest and respite form over-eating . It is the easiest way to rectify dietary blunders and indiscretions. If you fast in the morning and then, overload your stomach in the evening, entire purpose of keeping fast is lost.
9. Avoid synthetic clothes, as also tight and uncomfortable dress which tends to cause tension to you. Dress should be comfortable, easy, loose and well-looking.
10. The room, where you lie, should be airy, ventilated, open neat and clean letting in plenty of air and sun-rays. Try to have sound, undisturbed and carefree sleep. Try to keep your mind free from all worries, anxieties and hassles.
11. Develop the habit of standing and sitting in an erect spinal posture. Do not walk stoop-shouldered or bent like an arrow.
12. Sexual indulgence and abstinence should be avoided, as both the extremes are harmful.
13. Calls to nature should never be delayed or suppressed.
14. While sleeping always keep your face exposed and uncovered to fresh air.
15. Never shirk physical exercises. Devote and keep apart a specified time duration for this purpose.
Above, rules for keeping fit and healthy, are tip of an iceberg only. Regularity must form a part of one’s daily chores, in all facets of life. Regularity must not be confused with punctuality.