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1. “Early to bed and early to rise makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.”
Is anoft-repeated adage but very few people practice or heed to the inherent massage which refers to, in fact, proper and sound sleep, full relaxation of body, mind and brain. If sleep is unrefreshing and inadequate, one will get up as a fatigued, tired and almost like an ailing person. He will have headache, constipation, lethargy to run away from normal work-load and daily routine. If one is not physically healthy, he won’t be able to attend to his work, and if he fails to discharge his assigned jobs, he will ruin his financial status too. So, health and wealth are correlated. A wise person will take care of both. The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates had delated that “Natures are physicians of out disease’ which means that only nature can cure us.

2. Air, Water and Heat : We may do for a while without, heat, but we cannot live without air and water. Heat is due to sun which provides energy to all the living beings, including vegetations. No growth of any plantation can take place without heat and light of sun, water is required for nourishment of plants and air is the only available force of sustenance of our body. So, nature in her benevolence, bestowed these three elements to all living beings in plenty. Various seasons,climatic changes are also essential for our survival. Had there been no winter, the snow would not have been on the high mountains. If there was no heat, the snow could not melt and release water into rivulets, rivers and other sources would have depleted to dangerous levels. Different seasons are meant to serve the human needs in respect of water, heat, rain and air, changes in season fortify our body to bear thermic fluctuations.

3. Theory of Five elements: Air, water, space, and earth when combined together, result in formation of the human body but, when these five elements disintegrate, death occurs when all the five constituents join their fountain-heads from which all the five constituents join their fountain-heads from which each one had originated and emanated. Earth, in spite of bearing all the oddities and the absurdities of human beings, continues to serve all and one. Earthly mother is compared to earth get annoyed or displeased only when their patience is exhausted by erratic acts of its children (we, the human beings and all the creatures).

4. Herbs, vegetables fruits etc: Nature has given us so much in different forms of vegetations, including food grains and cereals. In fact, most of the Ayurvedic, Homeopathic mother tinctures and other medicines, Unani medicines, some herbal based Allopathic medicines owe their existence to vegetations and, but for their existence, mankind would never have been free from disease, mental disorders, and other infirmities. Had there been no vegetables, pulses and food grains, our dining tables and kitchens would have borne not even a resemblance of their present form. But, sadly enough, we are driving ourselves away from the lap of nature whose products we have vitiated and spoiled by resort to artificial chemical means and the brunt of their blunders. We have vitiated every gift of nature viz vegetation, water, air, environment and resultant consequences are too horrifying and regrettable.