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Unfortunately, the dentists and general physicians favour the idea (theory) that diabetics are easily exposed to tooth-decay, bleeding from gums, caries, crumbling teeth and other dental problems. This is only a hoax, without any scientific basis. Dr. Jack Samuels and his associates, after carrying an impartial study, have succinctly opined that, “the diabetic was in no way, more susceptible to dental ills than anyone else, given adequate dental attention. The dentist and his patient need have no fear.”
Normal dental care and hygiene are equally of utmost necessity not only to diabetics, but to all other persons also. So, diabetics do not have an increased predilection to dental hazards, as explained earlier.
Before we conclude this chapter on the complication of diabetes, it is necessary, for the diabetic and his family members, not to be mentally excited or unnecessary worked up but, instead, face the problem in a planned, cheerful and well-monitored method. If there is no willful departure from the prescribed rules, there is no reason for arising of any complication because, if diabetes remains controlled within normal clinical limits, then side-effect are not likely to surface or if, at all, they surface their intensity will be mild and thus, could be managed easily.
Mental tension, anxiety add to rise in glucose in blood & sugar. Hence by having a positive approach, major portion of the battle can be easily surmounted. There is no cause for panic or haste. Simply stick to your normal routine work, and forget about the future complications.