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In his monumental book ‘practice of Medicine’ Dr. Jousset gives following symptoms which should from basis for recognizing diabetes’ presence:
1. Increased thirst,
2. Changes in the urine,
3. Diminution in sexual desire and power,
4. Successive appearance of boils and carbuncles
5. A continuous weak feeling & Drowsiness
6. In spite of great feeling of an increase in appetite, a certain degree of emaciation takes place.
7. There is almost from the very onset, a change in the temperament and disposition.
8. the patients are choleric, to the point of violence, suspicious and hypochondrial.
9. Micturition is very profuse, more so than the liquid ingested. It is paler, becomes turbid on cooling, resembling then, like water mixed with honey, and loses the odour. Although clear, it is heavy, its specific gravity ranging from 1027 to 1060. Clinical analysis reveals a quantity of glucose varying from 1/30th to 1/7th.
10. As for glycosuria (presence of glucose in the urine), it can occur in diseases that interfere with respiration, like asthma, pthisis etc. in neurosis hysteria and epilepsy. It can also occur in certain physiological conditions, like pregnancy and lactation, old age, in the foetus, after the ingestion of a considerable quantity of syrup of syrup or honey, after violent emotions etc.