A question is often asked whether the homeo-doctors should take assistance and base their diagnosis on the results of clinical & pathological labs. Honesty speaking when nature disseminates its bounties without any discrimination, on all beings, out of which the human being, is the finest form of good’s architecture and when such a person discovers certain medicines, drugs, surgical techniques, various standards on pathology or reveals new vistas, then what is the harm if a person takes advantage from such discoveries. The reason being that such discoveries were not meant for a particular nation, people, region or place. Hence all Homeo medical practitioners should always utilize such or any other device which can help his patient. Ultimately, sole aim of all systems of medicine and their practitioners is to relieve the humanity from pangs of pain and agony.


Aetiology: “Diabetes is a hereditary disease. It is more common in men than women (Ratio of 3:1). It usually manifests itself from 14th to fiftieth year and is rare in old age. It seems to be quite frequent in childhood when it assumes an exceptional gravity. Diabetes is a very common disease in cold and damp countries. It is observed, however, also in hot climates. Diabetes has also been attributed to feculent (i.e. having sediment) and vegetable regimen. But certain religious sects, abstaining themselves from meat the whole year round, are hardly affected by this disease. The abuse of wine, of cold drinks (acid drinks plays a more important role in the production of diabetes. Sedentary habits and professions predispose to the disease. It is very frequent amongst Hebrews, English, French and the Dutch.” (Dr. P. JOUSSET)

“Mental preoccupation and moral emotions should be considered among the causes of diabetes. Damp cold and chilling of the body, while perspiring, are also favorable circumstances, leading to the development of the disease.”

“Diabetes is due to an excess of sugar produced by the liver, and to the non-combustion of this excessive sugar. Sugar is mixed with the arterial blood and is partly eliminated by the urine… this exaggerated glycogen function of the liver is thought to be due to the influence of nervous irritation, which begins at the fourth ventricle.”

Underlined causes are considered by Dr.Jousset as the major causes which cause sugar to appear in blood and urine. Most of the causes do fall in line with the allopathic aetiology of diabetes.