Before suggesting any homeo remedy for treatment of diabetes, following points should not be lost sight of:
1. There is no use in harping and focusing upon the stages of onset, development, progress of the disease,
2. Individualism of the case is of utmost importance. No case should ever be generalized.
3. No inference or hasty conclusion should be drawn on vague symptoms but following symptoms should never be ignored/neglected.
i. Quantity of urine passed and frequency.
ii. Get the urine tested first and if the test result is positive, the same should be followed by blood glucose test.
iii. Specific gravity of the urine should be noticed and watched.
iv. Reaction is generally, rather always, acidic.
v. Albumin’s escape should be viewed seriously.
vi. Heart, kidney, digestive, respiratory and nervous systems functioning and their complications, if any, deserve to be attended to with utmost urgency.
vii. State of appetite and aversion and desires for certain eatables should be carefully noted.
viii. Personal habits, food-faddism, alcohol consumption, smoking, sedentary life style etc. should always be taken into account.
For more details, other than the ones mentioned above, earlier relevant context (s) may be gone through, before any medicine is prescribed. Aforesaid points should serve as a guideline.
In the remedies, mentioned below, name of the remedy is given first, followed
by generally recommended and often used potency, leading symptoms (in so
Far as diabetes is concerned), drug relationship and drug affinity. Except
Where otherwise mentioned or not, all drug should be given 4-6 hourly.