ARSENIC ALBUM (3, 6, 30)

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In healthy persons, it persons, it produced glycosuria, when give in toxic or non-toxic form (in doses). It acts on all tissues and organs and has particular elective affinity for nervous system, brain and glandular organs. It relieves weakness/emaciation, irritable stomach, strong burning and shooting pains, irritable stomach and intense thirst. Symptoms begin with irritability and finally end up in coma. Depending upon the patient’s condition any potency from 3rd to 1000th will benefit the patient. Arsenic patient is sensitive to disorder, and is disturbed by disorderly behaviour, set-up, is sophisticated and likes & appreciates finer and decent values and objects. He is prone to skin disease. While prescribing this remedy, mental symptoms and drug picture should determine its choice. Give 200th once/twice a week, or 1000th ( IM) after 10-15 days-only a dose once.


In effect, it comes next only to Arsenic Album. It can be used in frequency, with much success when there are cramps in legs (or in lower extremities), aggravation (<) at night and amelioration (>) by heat. Profuse amount of sugar suddenly drips down to scanty flow, drowsiness with tendency to coma, varicose, ulcers having gangrenous tendency.