We still grope in the dark about the possible causes leading to diabetes, especially when there are host of hypothetical factors which are said or supposed to trigger this. So far it is an unresolved and complex problem which still continues to defy any permanent relief to the suffering multitude. Various systems of treatment claim to ‘Cure’ diabetes but, to say the least, they have only been able to ‘treat’ and control only (of course, with certain restrictions) but ‘cure’ is still a far cry, not to speak of the research work being done in many advance countries. Medical research work is going on relentlessly to provide permanent relief the suffering humanity but, the fact of the matter still remains, that we are still na├»ve and novice, as we were heretofore. This is the only disease which adversely affects many vital organs of the body, mind and intellect.

The malady is said to be dependent upon functional organic (or of both) diseases such as those belonging to lungs, heart, spleen, pancreas pituitary gland, supurarenal capsule, kidneys, liver. Dr. George Royal had dwelt upon such aspects which can be reproduced, with slight modifications, where required as under. The morbid changes found in the above-mentioned organs or tissues and attributed to the diseases are as follow:
LUNGS:-Diabetic pthisis, Emboli of the blood vessels and lastly, gangrene (of lungs)

HEART: - Arterio-Sclerosis/Athero-Sclerosis, hypertrophy, fatty degeneration and fatty heart.

KIDNEYS: - Hyaline changes in the epithelium of the tubes, and fatly degeneration, chronic interstitial nephritis, simple catarrhal Nephritis.

LIVER: - Cells found to be nucleated, enlarged and globe-shaped, blood cells destroyed, giving a pigmented appearance in spots, cerrhosis, sometimes entire organ being enlarged and fatty.

PANCREAS: - In majority of cases, morbid changes are found in large number of diabetic cases, such as inflammation of lobe, chronic and interstitial nature, and finally fatly degeneration and cancer may also appear.

STOMACH: - Catarrhal gastritis which may be followed by dilation thereof.

SKIN: - Pigmentation with marked and prominent appearance of bronzed spots which are found when the liver is involved. Dryness of skin, itching and pruritus.

NERVOUS SYSTEM: - Tumours, hardening and degeneration of the spinal chord, extreme hyperaemea and oedema of the meninges.

BLOOD: - General anaemia, glycogen found within the leucocytes, urea in excess, diminished alkalinity, blood lepoids increased in severely diabetic subjects, doubled fat.
Dr. Royal has made certain very cogent and interesting revelations about the diet factor, food-faddism, certain races/countries which are easily or not, at all, affected by the so-called dietary regimen. Hence, it won’t be irrelevant to quite excerpts from his writings: -
1. No disease has more theoretical causes than diabetes.
2. There is no other such large group of theories, about any subject containing so few solutions which have been clearly and definitely established.
3. we were born diabetics but we never die of diabetes, there always being some complication which carries the diabetics off
4. Japanese have rarely diabetes thought they live chiefly on fish and rice.
5. The Hebrew race suffers most from this disease, than any other race.
6. The Negroes, though eating sugar with impunity, do rarely suffer from diabetes.
7. Exemption, from diabetes, is one of the compensations which the poor labour class has over the luxurious and the well-to-do class.
8. Americans suffers far less than the French and the Indian, even though it is on the ever-increase in these all the three countries.
9. The Spare & Skinny are far less victims than the obese, fat and flabby.
10. We congratulate the children in rarely having this disease and yet, the percentage of mortality among children is over 20 times as large as among adults.
11. Many a diabetic wonders whether an attack of malaria, rheumatism, syphilis etc. were merely suppressed, and is now appearing in the form of diabetes (Refer to Dr. Hanhemann’s ‘Theory of Miasm’)-such being considered or made out to be predisposing factors (for causing diabetes).