Such persons are not confirmed patients of diabetes and rise in sugar levels can be attributed to sudden mental stress and strain, drug-induced diabetes and to some extent, to dietary changes. Such persons can be subjected to diabetes at any time. Marginal rise in blood sugar level should be watched for some time and the patient should never be put unnecessarily to any dietary or antidiabetic drugs. If it has been caused by some overuse of some drug or reaction thereof, effect is nullified. Hence, any haste in diet modification should be avoided, unless and until it has been established beyond doubt, that diet was the only culprit. It may be noted that in such borderline cases, a constant watch and monitoring is necessary, leaving no room for hypothetical forebodings.

It has been seen that indoor patients, due to diet modification and medical treatment during their incubation or pre-operative and post-operative periods may show slight rise in their blood sugar level. But, when they resume their normal chores they have no such odd problem. To be on the cautions side, such patients (?) should slightly taper down their carbohydrate intake and also keep a close watch over their sugar levels. Unless confirmed, by chemical findings, no dietary modification should ever be advised.