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(1) As said earlier, to lay blame squarely, on low or high blood sugar levels on diet-intake is height of imprudence. NIDDM patients have to depend oral drugs, along with dietary regimen. Such patients are generally aged above 35/40. in such patients diet plays an important part, in controlling or aggravating diabetic symptoms, but diet control is not the only means to control diabetes. Persons, who are obese and senile, should be more careful because, if they eat too much but do not resort to physical mobility, they will have their blood sugar raised to even dangerous levels. Neither food control nor only drug-use can help to control diabetes. There is sufficient evidence to prove that, in most of the diabetic cases, much improvement has been achieved by diet control alone. In such a situation oral drugs were never required which clearly means that diabetes in such patients was due to relaxations in diet but as soon as dietary indiscretion were given a go-bye, the disorder was controlled.
(2) NIDDM patients, id on oral medicines, should not allow gap between medicine and food. If the gap gets prolonged, sugar level in blood may fall. But, that does not construe that they should overeat or take meals stomachful. They should take plenty of green leafy and fibrous vegetables, citrus fruits, protein-enriched but low-fat and carbohydrate-based diet.
(3) Diet intake should also meet requirements, for diet to be taken, if the patient has blood pressure, constipation, any heart problem, any nervous disorder or any other disease. The diet should be nutritious, tasty, affordable, not monotonous and, above all, should conform to diabetic status of a patient. Timely food-exchanges are quite essential to retain taste buds. In eating, avoid monotony at all costs.
(4) Those who can afford may switch over to juices of vegetables and fruits (which do not contain sugar), coupled with protein-enriched but low-caloried cereals. Main purpose is to cut down intake of carbohydrates but then its total elimination can spell disaster on many health fronts. So, don’t totally avoid taking carbohydrates. Instead taper down their quantity. Avoid fats as for as possible. Diet relaxation may be required when sugar level falls down, when high carbohydrate diet will be required as an exception, but never as a rule.