Ayurvedic is the science of life, age, rather a way to live long, healthy and disease less method to enjoy long span of life. Our ascetics were so far-sighted and prudent that they devised devices to maintain a healthy way to live life. There is hardly any disease which our ayurvedic treatises have not mentioned and suggested remedies to get rid of even the so-called ‘incurable’ diseases which still baffle the humanity. It seems quite surprising how our ancient seers, with very sparse and limited resources and opening at their command, could manage to devise and disseminate such a vast vista of knowledge. It is a tribute to our ancient values that even in remote corners of our country, domestic medicines are still a source of treating most of the ailments which continue to torment and affect all persons. The application of herbs, condiments, vegetables, fruits and various recipes, even now, form basis of our domestic treatment of diseases which owe their organ to the knowledge disseminated by our indigenous medicinal system that is Ayurveda.

It is a common knowledge how our saints and seer has shed their physical ailments by using herbs and vegetables available to them, in those backward days. Ayurveda has been handed down to us, from generation to generation and, thus, the ancient knowledge got embedded into our life style and pattern. History of Ayurveda speaks of volumes about its origin, progress and resultant invasion by other systems of medicines. Only Chinese, Egyptian and Unani systems of medicine can vie with it, and not any one of the modern disciplines of treatment.