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Ayurveda is based on three basic (humours) factors which govern, control, cause various functions of the body which are:
1. Vaata (wind, Air)
2. Kaph (Phlegm)
3. Pitta (Bile)
All the three, combined together, form a trinity and are called three ‘Doshas’ (Tridoshas) whose imbalance is considered to be the basic cause of human (Physical or bodily) sufferings. The body does not, rather cannot, have any disease when these three elements continue to nurture and feed the body and thus, no infection can ever adversely affect functioning of any organ of human body. Certain relaxations of diet, habits, climatic effects, natural calamities, indiscreet and imprudent use of certain drugs, under eating or over-eating indulgence in such eatables/drinks which are inimical or unacceptable to our body system, certain mental and psychic upsets disturb (Proportionate disturbances) the three doshas, paving the way for physical illnesses.

Illness is nothing but the result of flouting the laws of nature, ignoring nature’s forewarning signals. Any deviation or divorce from nature’s laws with impunity invite and precipitate causes of a disordered state. The more we withdraw from the lap of nature, the more we fall prey to its ravages which manifest themselves in the form of diseases.

Simple principle is that if a person gets diseased by abusing nature, it is only the nature and its various abundant resources which are capable of restoring us to a healthy state. So, and very rightly so, the ayurvedic system of medicine depends largely and mainly on nature’s booties to prepare medicines.

Further, the herbs and vegetations, growing on a particular soil only are capable of curing illnesses of the residents residing on that soil. Nature is so kind, benevolent and considerate for its inhabitants that it vegetates only such food items which could benefit the residents of a particular region. Perhaps, that may the only reason why the term ‘Regional food and food habits’ is often used.