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Process: The name, itself is indicative of the fact that this asana covers whole body organs. Due to lying down on ground and raising up of whole body, it has been also named so.
Lie flat on ground, keeping erect both feet and whole body. First take a deep breath, then exhale gradually. Now very slowly raise both legs, with both feet stuck together, and raise the legs upto waist. When the legs are erect, try to slowly raise up the portion of body, resting on ground, supporting the waist with both the hands, elbows remaining fixed to the ground. Fix your eye-sight towards your feet. It will be noticed that weight of whole body is resting on neck, shoulders and elbow. When one gets adept in the above posture, both the legs can be brought towards your forehead, making an effort to touch the ground with feet. Alternatively, in an advance stage, keep one leg straight and bring the other leg towards your head, trying to touch the ground.

Benefits : It ignites appetite, improves digestion, blackens grey hair, fluffy skin becomes solid and lustrous, increases strength and resistance of body, regulates thyroid functioning, improves eye-sight, spleen and liver problems decline, facial blemishes are removed, face assumes luster, rejuvenates man’s sexual power, night-pollution diminishes. It is a boon for intellectuals, advocates, lawyers, busy business executives and students.
It removes constipation, dyspepsia, indigestion, appendicitis, deformity in organs, premature old age, asthma, cough, skin infections, impurities of blood, malfunctioning of pancreas, controls sugar metabolism, menstrual problems, eye and brain problems, headaches etc.
Person with weakened heart, high blood pressure and hyperthyroidism should not resort to this asana, except when a yoga expert gives a nod.