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Like Ayurvedic, Yoga also believes that the diabetic disorder stems from dietary indiscretions and pancreatic malfunctioning, as a result of which the food eaten is not digested properly, enzymes and amino acids fail to mix up with the food, insulin released is showed down or is not sufficient enough for the body to control sugar metabolism. In addition, retentive capacity is also adversely affected which causes escape (or release) of sugar therefrom, in excess of the quantity required by the body to convert sugar into energy.

Yogacharya Bhagwan Dev has rendered a yeoman’s service in disseminating and propagating varios aspects on Asanas in yoga. Other learned authorities have also tried, in their inimitable style to explain relevant yogic aspects, for the benefit of the mankind. He has advised the diabetics to practice regularly following asanas to get rid of diabetes or whichever suits them:-

i. Sarvangasana
ii. Bhujangasana or Sarpasna (Snake-Posture)
iii. Dhanurasana (Bow-Posture)
iv. Shalabhasana (Lotus Posture)
v. Pashchimottanasana and to the above list have been also added:
vi. Ardhamatsayendrasana
vii. Process of compression of stomach.
viii. Sukhasana or Shavasana (corpse or relaxation posture)