Available in 40, 80 units concentrations, duration of their action is indicated within brackets as under.

Available in 40 units and 80 units per ml. injections (6-8 hours)

Zinc Suspension
Available in 40 and 80 units per ml. Injections (Approximately 30 hours)

Available 40 units per ml. Injections (18-28 hours)

Protamine Zinc
Available in 40 units per ml. Injections (about 24-36 hours)

Drug Interactions
Oral contraceptives, cortico-steroids, thyroid hormones, theazide diureties, Beta adrenergic blocking indications.

Additional Drug Reactions
Local hypodystrophy, angineurotic oedema, urticaria, local reactions on injection sites.

Contra Indicated – in hypoglycaemia.
Note: It may be stressed, once again, that how much, what, at what time, with how much duration an insulin injection is to be taken by a diabetes patient should always, be determined by a doctor. The patient on his own, should never venture to take upon himself the role of a doctor whose advice, monitoring and guidance must be handy to the patient. Moreover, insulin therapy can have very serious complications and side-effects; hence the patient must take his doctor into confidence about any unusual development of a symptom. It is the doctor only who could decide as to whether a patient requires insulin therapy or not but, in no case, should that be an option of the patient. All the instructions regarding diet, carbohydrates, insulin injections (their usage, dosage, frequency and direction of action etc.) should always be carefully complied with by the patient. Do not be misled by canvassing insistence of the chemists for use of a particular commercial brand (in IDDM patients, there is hardly any possibility of crisis situations which as when and if occur, can be managed with rapport between doctor and his patient.