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Heredity is said to be a potential factor for communication of diabetes from mother to her off-spring to her off-spring or if the parents, either both or either of them, has had diabetes, their children will also have diabetes. It is true, to some extent, that if an expectant mother is a diabetic, her off-spring will also be a certainly a diabetic. But results to the contrary have also come to light. Exceptions do prove the rules, but exceptions are the rules themselves. Let us not lose sight of the fact that an off-spring has fairly higher chances of imbibing and inheriting diabetes form its mother at the stage from which she has to offer to her off-spring. But, if the mother had diabetes during period of pregnancy, especially when clinical tests had not revealed anything to the contrary or say that there was presence of sugar in urine and blood, then the off spring is liable to inherit the disorder. But drug-induced diabetes is a transitory metabolic reaction only and even if the disorder is passed on to the off-spring, there is every chance that the infant will be a born diabetic, but his symptoms may subside or even disappear, after the time he gives up breast-feeding.

But mothers, who had been confirmed diabetics prior to conception, will definitely pass on such a disease to her off-spring. It is, therefore on detection of profanely, the mother’s sugar level’ must be maintained within normal ranges so that diabetes is not passes on to her foetus. If diabetes is kept under control, in that case, the infact may not have any symptoms of inherited diabetes, but a risk factor cannot, still, be ruled out.

It may be printed out that diabetes is not a communicable and infectious syndrome, like venereal diseases, AIDS, Tuberculosis etc. as it can’t be transmitted from one person to another. If the child was born as a non-diabetic but his parents were or are diabetics, then the child or a grown up young person will not have any diabetes. But it is also true, that children of diabetic parents are more prone to diabetes, because of the ‘risk factor’. It means that such children are in the ‘red’ and there is every risk of their getting diabetes. But, to say that all of them, will become diabetes, is not fair, except to mountain that they should remain on the guard and take all possible and necessary precautions so as to ward off risk of getting diabetes, for the simple reason that they have high ‘risk factor’ looming largely over them and, as such, parents have also a sacred and social obligation to educate, guide and motivate their children to avoid the causes which can cause such a silent killer to invade their body.

Father and mothers who are indolent, inactive, obese and drunkards eating too much and too often, avoiding and physical exercise, consuming carbohydrates, fats, least of fibre-based green vegetables and fruits, must exert caution and warn their children to keep away from such factors as are patient causatives of diabetes. You cannot have diabetes of yourself and your children cured but can definitely control it by proper treatment, caution, abstention and dietary control.


, joint affections, asthma and dyspnoea, problems in smooth walking, easy fatigue etc. Obesity means accumulation of extra fat on the entire body, especially on and around neck, waste, abdomen thighs and gluteal muscles. Fatness is caused by too much eating, frequent eating, excessive use of fats, carbohydrates, (including fructose glucose, crystal sugar, lactose, cereals, honey, jaggery confectionery’s sugar based products etc), thyroid’s malfunctioning etc. obesity is a common symptoms of senile and easy going, gluttons, inactive and ‘chair-borna’ persons. Obesity is such a diseases (disorder, symptom) that it gives birth to high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, gout