Causes of Diabete

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Like the symptoms, causes of diabetes are also not few and the mass of causes to which a patient may be subjected should and do, determine as to what is the cause that has triggered this disorder. Truly speaking discerning the cause/causes, is and arduous and laborious task which can be determined by the doctor only and that also , after careful examinations and clinical tests. In brief following factors may be responsible for causing diabetes:

(1) Inadequate secretion of insulin by an endocrine gland, called ‘Pancreas’ which is known as diabetes of pancreatic origin.

(2) Heredity factor.

(3) Obesity or Overweight.

(4) Dietary indiscretion or too much of eating.

(5) Carbohydrate-protein metabolism. Disturbed/imbalanced.

(6) Malfunctioning of other Endocrine Glands, like Thyroid, Pituitary & Adrenal.

(7) Alcohol

(8) Sugar takes in excess

(9) Drug induced diabetes etc.

Out of the above-mentioned factors, we can further shorten the said list with following major sub-headings.

(1) Heredity

(2) Obesity

(3) Diet & Food

(4) Endocrine Glands’ Malfunctioning

(5) Drug-induced Diabetes.

Now the above factors will be explained in details, under separate individual headings, at later stage.