There are many clinical tests to determine whether a person is diabetic or not. As the presence of some symptoms is a pointer to presence of sugar in urine in the patient. Following course for clinical tests will prove to be an indicator to present diabetic or non-diabetic status of a person.


Overnight urine should be voided early in the morning, after getting up, and the specimen be taken to the clinical lab. If the result shows even a trace of urine, a repeat test (or even 2 or 3 tests) is called for. If after 2-3 three tests the urine shows 0.5% presence of sugar in the urine, then it must be followed by a blood test for detection of sugar.
Note:- It may be noted carefully that the bottle in which specimen of urine is collected should be thoroughly sterilized, leaving no room for any doubt whatsoever. Some persons say that fresh urine specimen should be tested for sugar for the simple reason that specimen of overnight urine may be masked with certain casts in the urine, and true picture may nor emerge, thus complicating and confusing diagnosis. Specimen of fresh urine should be taken, when the patient is on empty stomach, it is suggested than mere trace of sugar is urine should not be taken a as conclusive proof of diabetes.