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In some patients fasting glucose level is quire high while in others it may not show much rise in P.P.stage (post parendial), i.e. after taking meals. In random blood tests, sugar level may be much higher but all such findings do not lead to any emergence of true diabetic status of a patient. So, as a first step, following course may be adopted.

Blood sample is taken, when the patient is on empty stomach. Fresh urine sugar is also tested when blood sample is taken for testing purpose. As described earlier, glucose rise in urine must also commensurate with rise in blood sugar. It will also indicate whether the patient is having a normal renal threshold. In certain cases renal threshold may be disturbed.

Glucose Test Result (mg/100ml)

Normal Diabetic
Fasting 60-80 100-120
(2 hours after taking glucose) 120 180
P.P 60-100 Below 140

Note:- Oral glucose should be 1 gm per kg of body weight. Intermediate glucose levels deserve further evaluation. Urine test, taken at fasting and also on taking glucose will determine and point out sugar level in urine which should be compatible with rise/fall of blood sugar levels. Any variation in comparative values should be taken seriously. Treatment should not be started from results of first test itself.