1. It is phlegm, disease. Excessive use of eatables which precipitate and cause rise in phlegm should be avoided in all circumstances.
2. Sedentary persons are more and too often animal meats.
3. Consuming too much and too often animal meats.
4. Use of milk and milk-products, crystal sugar, jaggery, sweets in excess,
5. Continuously sitting at one place and position and sleeping during day cause increase in phlegm in the body with resultant rise in sugar in blood/urine.
6. Too much use of pungent, spicy, dry, cold eatables, free and frequent indulgence in sexual acts, inability to discharge urine and stools, shock and worry, exposure to extreme hot and cold conditions hyperexcitability, bleeding in excess, abnormal life-style and gluttony habits, easy-going nature, lack of physical activity or else too much of exercise, etc. also cause diabetes.
7. Eating too much of starchy, fatty and carbohydrate based eatables, in one form of the other.
8. Obesity, whether hereditary or acquired.