We reiterate that diabetes is not curable but is only controllable through treatment, if the patient heeds to the advice of his Physician and follows his instructions entirety, Doctor-Patient relationship and mutual understanding and considerate and prudent approach can go a long way in solving this, so far unresolved, disorder which is rightly called a silent-killer like hypertension, cancer and other such lingering diseases.


1. Premeha : It literally means excess of rain which denotes flow of urine. In a nutshell it means excessive flood of urine which does not contain sugar. The patient passes large quantities of water-life urine, at short intervals and gradually emaciates.
2. Madhumeha : It literally means ‘Rain of honey’. ‘Rain denotes flow of urine, in excess (or in particular) and the word ‘Madhu’ stands for ‘Sugar or glucose’. In all, at means passing large quantities of urine which is thickly loaded with glucose. When premaha and Madhumeha are not controlled in time, the sugar contents pass on to the blood stream, affecting all the body organs. In ayurveda, there is hardly any difference in the teems ‘sugar in urine’ or ‘sugar in blood. When the body fails to absorb sugar in the blood also fails to halt and utilize sugar in its stride, the excessive quantity of sugar is excreted by the kidneys, through urinary discharge. To sum up true diabetes an only be gauged, when there is sugar in the blood. Presence of sugar, in both blood and urine, further confirms diabetic status of a person, urine in sugar can be gauged from appearance of colours of the urine, as shown below:
Blue Colour : No (Nil) Sugar
Green Colour : 0.5% Sugar (approx)
Yellow Colour : 1% Sugar
Pink Colour : 1 to 1.l/2% Sugar
Red Colour : 2% Sugar (approx)
Dark Red : Over 2% Sugar

Urine tests, by using ‘diastic sticks, can be easily done at home by the patient himself. When the sugar level rises in blood beyond 160-180mg, the kidneys start releasing sugar through urine also but every patient is a rule unto himself. It may be notes out ‘diabetic test’ is not considered to be a reliable test.