Allopathic system is based on clinical findings, aspects and mechanical findings. The patients is often subjected to various tests, X-Rays, ultrasonic tests, and particularly the tests on diseased organs (like kidneys, heart, brain, digestive organs, urinary system, respiratory system). There is hardly any doubt that the relative tests, as and when ordered, desired or required, do disseminate and unravel certain physical abnormalities which could not be known through conventional outmoded, obsolete devices. The findings enable the physician/surgeon to decide upon a precisions mode of further treatment. Allopathy has made tremendous progress in clinical precisions and many a precious life has been saved due to novel and latest diagnostic methods. But, due to high cost of such tests and investigations, general public has not been able to derive much benefit, as all such devices are not cost-effective. Utility of a diagnostic test is one thing, but patient’s capacity to pay for them is quite another. Many poor persons die an untimely death, merely due to the fact that their pockets are not large enough to absorb the financial burden of such investigations.

As already mentioned, diabetic patients are mainly classified under two groups in so far as allopathic treatment is concerned.
i. Insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM)
ii. Non- insulin dependent Diabetes mellitus (NIDDM)
In first category come children in growth stage, juvenile and adolescents and persons under 40, patients who develop diabetes prior to or during post-operative stages and in this last category Insulin is needed to control emergent diabetic occurrences or if the patient develops diabetes as a result of use of some medicines. Such a type of diabetes occurs due to some shock, bereavement, shock etc. or even due to operation phobia or post operative complications. Since, little children and growing persons are generally victims of such a type, it is rightly termed as ‘Growth onset Diabetes Mellitus’ or ‘Juvenile Diabetes Mellitus’. If too many restrictions are put on young and growing persons, their growth process will be adversely affected, because nor can their diet, games and study patterns be changed. In such cases, use of insulin becomes a necessity, for the aforesaid reasons.