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Liquid is to be inserted per rectum in the body for which cold or lukewarm water (1/2 to 1 liter) mixed with a few drops of lemon (if tolerated well), is required. The nozzle, tube of rubber and container should be fully and properly sterilized before use. Lie flat on the ground, insert the nozzle from the anus to rectum, and gradually let in water. Do not be in a hurry so that water is not pushed into the stomach in a hush or undue hurry. Buttocks should remain about 5-6 inches above the floor-level. Vessel should be hanging down from a wall, dully supported with and fixed through a strong iron nail. As is done before injecting allow some water to flow out from the nozzle so that, when inserted, the water should gain free and uninterrupted entry into the abdomen.
Water should be retained in the abdomen for such a time till the pressure to evacuate builds up in bowels and visit the closet only after an urge to do so has arisen. Do not use force or unduly exert for expulsion of faces. If it is desired to ensure scavenging of intestines also use plain/or lemon juice mixed cold water (tepid water) only and enhance water quantity from 2 to 21/2 liters.
Best course will be to visit the closet when there is gurgling sound and resultant pressure and urge to let out water (when water will gush out with force taking with it all the obnoxious matters).
Best course will be to visit the closet when there is gurgling sound and resultant pressure and urge to let out water (when water will gush out with force taking with it all the obnoxious matters).
Some people use soap and /or said to also with the water but both are said to harmful and unnatural means. Choicest device is to use clean. Fresh, cold water only for the desired purpose.


The hip-bath technique is devised for those who have retention of urine, pass urine with pain and discomfort, there is burning sensation or cutting pain in the penis, when one has to strain a lot and, despite utmost and prolonged exertions, urine is passed in droplets only. This condition is mostly seen in kidney infections, urinary and renal stones. In addition to urinary complaints, whole abdomen seems too bloated and enlarged (not referring to pregnant ladies), hardness, locking up of wind, irregular bowels etc. In back pain (lumbago) and other hip lower spine, pelvic-girdle complaints, hip-bath will prove to be a boon. It will cleanse and purge out and also ensure flow of urine. In addition to relieving other incidental complaints.
Take a tub about 6 feet in length and 2 to 3 feet in width, one side should be comparatively higher than the other end. Fill in water to such an extent that the hip portion remains immersed in water (that is your body also curved like a low. Rub gently the portion, from navel down to public region, back side, sides of waist but gentle pressure should be exerted while massaging. Massage, preferably with a soft towel, for 1-2 minutes and sit in the tub, initially for 4-5 minutes, extending the duration in accordance with capacity, condition and requirement of an individual. Rest of the body should be rubbed vigorously and then washed properly. In winter, wrap in a blanket or put on a gown. After the bath in tub is over, normal and usual bath may be taken but gap between both the baths should be at least, two hours. After the bath, take only very light and easily digestible eatables/drinks. Hip-Bath can be repeated as and when required.


Taking bath daily is not a ritual, it is a prime health requirement also. Bathing, in itself, is an exercise, (except for heart patients) because you clean your body, from head to feet. By soaping you remove dust and bad wet odour and other foreign particles which cling to your body due to pollution contact, smoke, soot, dust particles etc. in addition, bathing process also increases circulation of blood in the whole body, in addition to exercise of other body limbs. While taking bath make sure that each skin fold, nose, ear, throat, tongue, private parts, fingers of hands and feet etc should be properly washed/cleaned. Mere showering of the body will not do. Remember, massage of soles and palms, the two extremities of the body, is necessary for proper circulation of blood to each and every part of the body. All pores of the body will get opened during bathing process.
In Hindu religion, bathing has been given such a prime importance that, form birth to death, it is enjoined on an individual as a duty (a religions duty and hygienic habit). It is simply to highlight the importance of bathing. Cold bath is the best as it pushes up circulation of blood. It is claimed, and quire rightly so, that if one takes bath, before retiring to bed, the body will be free from tension & fatigure, and sound sleep will be induced and many physical problems will hopefully, subside. In any case avoid exposure to cold conditions.


Body is generally sponged with a soft towel, often dipped in water, in case of fever, particularly for the infants, old and aged persons, bed-ridden and /or hospitalized patients, in certain conditions of pregnant and confined ladies. Care should particularly be taken in winter and exposure to cold conditions should be avoided. If body is sponged with hot or luke warm water, then first of all wrap the body with a blanket and request someone to sponge the body, from feet upwards with a water-soaked towel, for about 20-30 minutes, making sure that all the limbs of body are fully sponged. After sponging process is over, clean and dry up whole body with a dry towel. It is better to sponge at noon time.


In Indian homes, it is still a practice to massage the body with sarson (mustard) oil in case of elders and with olive oil tender infants and babies. Massage with light hands so that oil gains entry, through pores, into the skin. When massaging process is over, bask in the sun for an hour or so, to till one can bear to expose body to sun-rays, ensuring fully that your back-side faces the sun and not your front side. Sun-bath takes away impurities of skin and provides necessary vitamins to body. After the sun-bath, apply some non-irritant soap of good quality to your body and then bathe with tepid fresh or luke-warm water.


Take a vessel and boil water in it. Place the hot water container under a charpoy (cot). Spread some cloth for covering the cot from all sides. Now the patient should lie on the cot. His face and neck should not be covered but his entire (rest of his body) should be wrapped with a blanket. Make sure that neither the steam escapes out nor does the cold wind enters from any direction. The steam bath should be given as long as the patient can easily tolerate it. Some people put some leaves of neem (margosa) into the water so that body is rendered free from infections but then, it is not a matter of choice but only if condition demands. When the heat subsides, the patients body should be dried with a soft towel. Some people prefer the patient to drink about 300ml of water (cold water) before start of the steam process (so that thermic temperature is not disturbed in the brain). But it is still hypothetical exercise. Same advantage can be derived by using a chair which is made of cane. Here the patient has to sit and hot water vessels should be put under the chair. (Rest of the process is the same, as done in case of a cot). Exposure to cold must be fully ruled out and to attain it, steam-both should be given in a closed but ventilated room (not with keeping doors & windows open).


Fasting not only purifies the body but also purifies the spirit of a person. Fasting will relieve person from excesses done during eating. Fast should start from the morning and last till the evening. In –between nothing is generally taken. But, if needed water or some liquid may be taken after 4-6 hours. Fast is not intended to starve a person but to undo the wrongs done to the body by adopting uncalled for & excessive dietary indiscretions. For diabetics, it is necessary that fast should never be stretched to such a the bowels, removes constipation, excretes toxins from the body. I have seen do more harm than good. Ladies, due to religious bent of mind or due to fads keep on fasting which often results in weakness, low blood pressure and sometimes even permanent loss of appetite.
During the fast, lime water may be taken or milk may also be used. When the fast is broken, only light and easily digestible food should be taken. Porridge, knichri, curd, soup of vegetables, juice of fresh and ripe fruits, milk, salads may be taken, after the fast is broken but no greasy, fat, spicy food should be taken. Diabetics should refrain from sugar and other sources of carbohydrate. They can have protein-enriched diet, with low carbohydrate content. Anti-diabetic drugs or Insulin should never he used during fast, as it may instantly bring down sugar level in the blood or even acetones may pass through urine. It must be ensured that fasting process is in accordance with health condition, age, sex, weight of a prospective adherent to fasting. We repeat, fasting should never result in starvation, weakness or hypoglycaemic condition, suppression of thirst or not attending to nature’s calls or your daily chores. Reduce time or suspend it as soon as some odd. unusual symptom develops.

FOOD : Naturopathy recommends whole flour of gram or wheat, from which bran has not been separated. Flour, without brain, is difficult to digest and causes constipation, inactivity of bowels, flatulence and heaviness on the chest. Rice should also be hand-beaten and not polished or separated from husk by means of grinding mills. So, unmilled rice is considered to be an ideal choice not only for diabetics but for all others. (Through rice is forbidden in diabetes). Never wash rice with water.
Vegetables should be taken as fresh and raw as possible. Vegetables may be washed before cutting or shredding but once cut, they should not be washed. If they are washed their vitamins and nutrients will wash away. Certain vegetables may be washed before cutting or shredding but once cut, they should not be washed. If they are washed their vitamins and nutrients will wash away. Certain vegetables do not require to be peeled. Similarly, fruits should also be used in raw form but citrus fruits, mangoes etc need to be peeled off but fruits, with soft and tender rind (skin), should never be peeled. Avoid using any spices to fruits. Take then in raw from.
Mix up vegetables and fruits to form healthy, nutritious and tasty salads. Green leaves should also be utilized for the salad. Add some lemon juice and salt to it, but not pungent spices.
Diabetics are advised to eat never stomachful, rather they can eat even after a gap of 2-3 hours, as it will relieve the stomach from unnecessary load and also that there will be sustained and almost uniform rice of glucose in the blood. Food substitutes should often be tried to avoid monotony in diet. A change-over from grains to fruits or even vice rersa or mixture there of should be tried. For more information, reference may be made to foregoing and following pages, in the relevant context.