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1. Powder of Triphala, 4 gms, with honey (twice daily).

2. Purified Shilajit one gm with old honey, once or twice daily in 24 hours.
3. Juice wheat (100 ml) with sugar candy.

4. Triphala and Trikata powders, each 1 gm with cow’s milk.

5. Juice of Inner portion of Neem’s rind with sugar-candy.

6. Anyone of the following medicines:
(i) Abharak Bhasma (ii) Bang Bhasma (iii) Heri shankar Rasa (iv) meghanada Rasa (v) Bangeshwar Rasa. Anyone of the above medicines or may be combined with the other, if situation demands. Each to be taken takes from 0.250mg to 0.500 mg with old honey (details in Bhaishajya Ratanavali)

7. Howsoever uncontrollable and intractable the diabetes may be Ina
Patient, the best (but also the lestest) medicine is vasant kusumakar
Rasa which can control diabetes in a short time. In addition, it will ensure
and restore normal functioning of all the vital organs as also build up
General strength, vigour and vitality of the body. It will also rejuvenate the
Entire physical system. In a way, this medicine will overhaul system. Due
To its hefty cost factor, very few people can afford it. The mid-way is that
This medicine should be continued for 5-7 days, followed by
chandraprabha vati for 10/15 days. After use of Chandra prabhu vati,
Basant Kusmakar Rasa may be restarted. This mode of treatment will cut
down cost factor. The dose may be tapered and frequency altered after
Improvement is noticed.

8. Chandra prabhu vati: This is called a ‘Poor man’s remedy,’ as Basant Kusumakar Rasa is a rich man’s remedy. It also removes urinary problems like hesitancy, frequency, burning sensation, elimination of albumin, sugar in the urine. It can also be used in conjunction with the medicine mentioned in no 6 above.

9. Reduce to powder the inner shell (of stone) of Pipal tree, jambolin, mix with Haldi (Turmeric, ) Gurmar Booti (herb), powder of palash, neem leaves or their juice, juice o fripe bael, leaves of bael, juice of Karela (Bitter Gourd)- Pulverise and reduce to paste form so that pills could be processed. Take a pill (500 mg 1 gm) 4 times daily with fresh water or cow’s milk.

10. Powder of turmeric (Haldi) 20 gms. White pepper (Dakhani or safed Mirch), 5 gm power of Methi (Fenugreek). Mix all the ingredients Daily dose is one teaspoon each in the morning and evening/night with hot or lukewarm milk. Watch blood pressure and also if bowels functioning normally.

11. Powder of Methi (Fenugreek) one teaspoonful with water of milk, twice daily, giving a gap of (interval of) 10-12 hours between each dose.

12. Immerse seeds (one TSP) of fenugreek in a glass of water at night, let it remain immersed in water overnight. Take the (soaked) seeds, early in the morning, on empty stomach. Make sure that you use water also while chewing the seeds. Since fenugreek seeds are a bit bitter, their remaining immersed in water, will take off its bitter taste. But, our advice is that bitter taste should never be subordinated to the efficacy and utility of a remedy. It holds good for other such (bitter) objects too.

13. Chew 5-6 fresh and green leaves of bael, 2-3 times a days and let in the juice thereof which is also said to reduce sugar in urine and blood.

13(A). Proprietory Preparations
Our modus operandi is not to serve the cause and propagate for ayurvedic medicines manufacturing companies or for that matter, of eve any of the individuals but, we wish to see that every patient is relieved of his agony which is a source of torture not only for the patient but also for his well-wishers, relatives, friends as well. Patient’ sues and the benefits, occurring from the aforesaid and following brands preparations, would prove efficacy and utility of a medicine.
(1) Diabenese (2) Madhumehari (3) Diabetrex strong (4) Diabnil and many more.

14. Whichever medicine or a combination of medicines one opts for, a tablespoon of Devadaravarishta (mixed with at least 3-4 times quantity of water), after meals is much to be recommended.

15. Shakhahooli, Ashwagandha, Sheetal Cheeni, Gurmar should be pulverized in equal quantities. Take 2-3 gms with fresh water daily.

16. Juice of fresh Amlas (10ml) mixed with old honey is also said to be useful in diabetes.

17. Vasant Kusumakar Ras, Jambul stone, Gurmar herb 1gm each per dose, with honey – in the morning and evening.

18.To Gurmar and Jambul stone and vrihad Bangeshwar Ras (1gm each) to be taken as above.

19. If extract/juice of fresh karela (bitter gourd), without removing seeds and peeling off, is taken daily once in the morning (100-150ml), on empty stomach, it will remove sugar. Quantity may be slashed down when sugar level, in urine and blood tests, returns to normal. Those who cannot take bitter things can take pickle of bitter gourd which may be eaten along with meals. Bitter gourd is not available throughout the year. In order to solve this problem, its green vegetable throughout the year. In order to solve this problem, its green vegetable should be dried, under shade (after being shild into small pieces). When fully dried, it should be reduced to powder form. Normal dose is ½-1Teaspoonful with fresh water twice a day.

1. Food regimen is equally necessary alongside the medicinal treatment. Do not use wheat flour or maida (finely ground wheat) which contains carbohydrate in abundance. It should be avoided or else gram flour be added to it use maize or barley flour in place of wheat flour.
2. Occasionally add Desighee (clarified butter) to your meals (5-10 gms/ml) to your diet, as it does not saturate. Always use unsaturated oils as medium of cooking.
3. Avoid sweet contents form your dietary schedule. Eliminate crystal sugar.
4. Pulses, sprouted grains, porridge, soyabean should find a important role in a diabetic’s diet.
5. Take plenty of green, leafy and fibre-enriched vegetable which can be taken in cooked or raw form, or used even as salads.
6. patients with kidney problems should never ear tomatoes and spinach.
7. All starch-based, richly fatty and sweetmeats should be given a go-bye.
8. Only citrus fruits like Lime, Orange, Louqats, Nashpati, should be taken, but Mangoes, Grapes, Leechies, Guavas, Apples should be avoided.
9. Abstain from spicy, junk, fast foods, tinned or bottled drinks, meats, or unhygienic fruit or vegetable juices.
10. Alcoholic drinks, use of drugs, use of tobacco in any form purgatives to relieve constipation, all types of jams, sweet sausages, syrups, vinegar should be eliminated from dietary menu.

Dosage and Repetition of dose

Dose and its frequency should always be based on factors like state of health, diabetic status, diabetic complications etc. hence every case is to be individualized and thus no fixed dose can be recommended or/and advised. The aforesaid quantities of dosage are merely indications and, as such, should never be taken as fixed parameters. Even persons having their symptoms identical cannot be given the same dose, for reasons mentioned above.
An expert ayurvedic physician can easily prescribe the requisite dose and its frequency for each individual patient separately, taking into account all the basic requirements. The diabetics are advised, in their own interest, that it is always prudent and advisable to remain under guidance and supervision of a qualified ayurvedic physician who will not only guide you, but will also take into account other factors and complications, if any. This advice applies equally in case of other systems of medicine also.