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Many brands available in trade, are supplied by various pharmaceutical companies of repute. Trade names of drugs are given first, followed by the ingredients or actual constituents, as given within brackets:-
1. Copamide Tabs – 250mg Tabs (chlorpropamide) used for maturity onset Non-Ketotic diabetes, unresponsive phenformin diet control.
2. DBI Tabs – (25 mg Tabs) (Phenformin Hcl)- For maturity onset diabetes mellitus responding inadequately to dietary treatment either alone or in combination with sulphonylureas.DBI-TD Caps – 50 mg caps (phenformin Hcl)-used for symptoms identical to DBT taps.
3. Daonil Tabs – 5 mg Tabs (Glibenclamide) –used for NIDDM, NIDDM-Type II patients.
4. Diabinese -100mg, 250mg Tabs (chlorpropamide)- For Maturity onset NIDDM cases.
5. Diamicron – 80 mg Tabs (Gliclazide) – for use in maturity onset NIDDM cases.
6. Diaphage – 500 mg or 850 mg Tabs (Metformin Hcl)- used for maturity onset diabetes responding inadequately to dietary treatment, either alone or with sulphonylureas. Also used as an adjuvant therapy in IDDM patients, particularly in the obese.
7. Euglucon – Same as Daonil Tabs
8. Glide – 5 mg Tabs (Glippizide)usded NIDDM patients
9. Glucagon – 1 mg per ml Injection (Glycogen as Hcl ) –used in severe hypoglycaemic conditions.
10. Glyciphage – 500 mg Tabs (Metformen hcl) – details same as for diaphage tabs.
11. Glynase – F or details see ‘Glide’ above.
12. Rastinon – 500 mg Tabs (Tolbutamide) –used in patients with NIDDM only) probable dose of each medicine. It may be carefully noted that the patient must consult his doctor, before opting for any dosage of any medicines. Only easily available and popular oral drugs are being mentioned as name of popular brand followed after generic band.

There may be some other popular brands but basic (generic) ingredients remain the same. Some new breakthrough is always possible, in view of sustained and painstaking research work being carried out in the western countries.