Diabetes is rightly claimed to be prominent silent killer disease, for the simple reason that it is the only disease which ranks only to cancer. It is a disease which has been baffling the patient and the medical profession alike, for its onset, progress and treatment, and also due to various hypothesis and causes which cause onset of this lingering and baffling disease. The doctor and the patient have to maintain a close contact, in order to avoid further complications. Most of the diabetics lead quite a healthy and fairly long span of life, provided they are motivated, and guided by their physicians, at regular intervals.

Our so- called high profile and modern life-style have further added to diabetic’s dilemma, confusion and lopsided approach. Mass of wanted/unwanted suggestions, myths theories and the so-called ‘effective and curable medicines’ have further complicated this already confused disease. We are today, as confused about diabetes as we were earlier, when diabetes was considered as an incurable and killer disease. Even uptil now there is no definite curative remedy which can rid the patient of this physical upset. Thus the patient becomes a confused entity (lot) due to the reason given above. Let us agree on one point, at least that diabetes is not, at all, curable, and is positively manageable, treatable and controllable, and the only condition is that the patient has to be under guidance, care of his physician. Further, there is no escape from periodical tests also. Any indiscreet deviation could suffice to further complicate the disease.

In order to get so- called ‘Permanent and Finally Curable remedies’ the patient, in his eagerness and anxiety, runs from pillar to post, to seek relief and cure, which (two) factors land him in a state of dismayed uncertainty. He fails to stick to one system of treatment or a single physician, because his anxiety and eagerness do not let him have any respite. In such an awkward situation he prefers to use ‘home remedies’, ‘Magical Cures’, quackeryemanating formulae.’ This way, his wayward and casual approach lands him into such a complicated state, from which he cannot make a retreat.

We can only advise the diabetics, with all the honest sincerity, that there is reason for them to get panicky, disgusted or become a social recluse. Reasonable and regular caution is and should be the watchword for all diabetics and laxity in abiding to lay-down principles and irregular approach should be given a go bye once forever. Do not be ever scared and horrified that you have a dreaded disease, instead assure yourself that you are having a disease which has definite treatment which you can control.

In this book and attempt has been made to educate the patient about causes, effects and complications, cautions, diet, medicines and above all certain myths about diabetes have been removed or, at least an effort has been made to reply to certain apprehensions and myths which often arise in a diabetic’s mind. The information disseminated in this book and the suggestions given, should serve as a guideline to the diabetic. Let us not lose sight of the fact that, unless and until a diabetic’s mind. The information disseminated in this book and the suggestions given, should serve as a guideline to the diabetic has strong mental will, positive approach, a desire to learn and follow prudently and discreetly the suggestion, he may not derive any benefits. Will to learn and determination to follow the advice of his doctor are unquestioned prerequisites not for diabetics alone but all patient s suffering from other ailments.

To add to the patient’s knowledge, charts on height, weight, diet, alternate diets and diet substitutes have also been given, which hopefully will serve as guidelines. Such guidelines are merely suggestions, based on mass usage thereof, but certain modifications and adjustments cannot be ruled out. Medicinal courses and the medicines have been suggested in should be the real guide for a diabetic patient.

Some of the unavoidable technical words had to be used in this book but, to obviate the said difficulty of readers, a glossary, explaining in simple words the meaning of such terms, has been given at end of the book, which way often be referred to, as and when required. Let us pray for welfare of all and disease for none:

‘Let all the person be happy, without diseases, look to brighter side and let no person have even on iota of pain.’

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